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Married to a brilliant engineer.
Father of two adventurous kids.
Proficient at zero gravity flips in multiple axes.

Executive Director, Yuri’s Night

Executive Director and Board Member for Yuri’s Night, the non-profit supporting the annual worldwide celebration of human spaceflight. Signature events are produced in LA and along the Space Coast of Florida every year around April 12!

President, Nova Bailey Consulting

“I am a subject matter expert and successful project manager for social media, events, education, outreach, microgravity environments, and scientific research. I work with individuals and teams to create new conversations that enable growth and mutual understanding.”

Executive Director, ATHENA Rapid Response Innovation Lab

Executive Director for the Alexandria, VA, non-profit ATHENA. We empower people with tools and training at the point of need.

Energy Portfolio Manager, Nation of Makers

Supporting the US Department of Energy’s American Made Challenges program as a contractor to Nation of Makers. We are connecting innovators in the renewable energy sector with opportunities, makerspaces, and support networks across the country.

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I am constantly amazed by the power of individuals to change the world in radical and extraordinary ways.

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